Ways to Reduce

Ways To Reduce Term-Insurance Premiums

Term Insurance Plans are considered to be one of the major types of insurance plans. First of all, term insurance plans are incredibly affordable. 

As compared to Life Insurance Plans, Term Insurance plans are available at a lower premium. Also, Term Insurance Plans are easy to understand. 
On top of all that, you can also reduce your premium. Here are some ways to reduce term-insurance premiums.

How To Reduce Your Term Insurance Premium?

Buying a term insurance plan is all about choosing a plan that suits your needs. And reducing the premium makes it an even better deal.

Make Payments Yearly

People often make monthly or biannual payments with their Term Life Insurance. This way, they can pay the premium in small sums. But in the long run, this adds up to increased premium. 
That’s why it is a much better idea to make yearly payments with Term-Insurance premiums. The sum would be more than the monthly payments, but in the long run, you can reduce your term-insurance premium.

Invest Early

With Term-Insurance plans, the earlier one invests, the better it is. So, if you buy your term-insurance plan early, you will reap the rewards in the long run. 

Say you decide to purchase a term-insurance plan in your 20s. The premium you will have to pay will be lesser than someone who buys a term-insurance plan in their 30s.

Compare Plans

There are lots of insurance companies available in the market. The upside of this for buyers is that they can compare their options. Also, competitive pricing makes sure that buyers can get the best deals with term-insurance plans

So, make sure that you compare different plans before buying one. If you do the research right, you’re sure to find a term-insurance plan suited to your needs. 

Stay Away from Bad Lifestyle Habits

Bad lifestyle habits are no good for anyone. Being addicted to smoking and drinking will also increase your risk quotient which, in turn, will make your insurer increase the premium. 

So, make sure you stay away from such lifestyle habits that can cause health issues.


Gradually, more and more people are opting for term insurance plans in India. Term Insurance Plans are pure protection plans that are easy to understand and come with income tax benefits. 
So, what are you waiting for? It’s time you purchased your own term insurance plan to get cover for your family.

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