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What is Mutual Funds?

A Mutual Fund is a financial vehicle that is made of money collected from many investors to invest in instruments such as Stocks, Bonds, Money Market Instruments and other assets. 

They are operated by professional fund managers who oversee the allocation of funds to produce capital gains. 

Mutual Funds

Types of Mutual Funds

Debt Funds

Debt Funds are Mutual Fund schemes that invest in fixed income instruments like Corporate Bonds, Government Bonds, Money Market Instruments etc. 

The risk quotient with Debt Funds is relatively low. Hence, it is a favorable investment option for people with low risk tolerance. 

Equity Funds

Mutual Funds that invest in shares or stocks of companies are known as Equity Funds or Stock Funds. 

The risk factor is relatively higher with Equity Funds as the market and economy play a crucial role in the performance of equity funds. 

Hybrid Fund

Hybrid Funds are Mutual Fund schemes that invest in more than one asset class to diversify the portfolio and reduce the risk involved. 

Often, Hybrid Funds are a combination of Equity and Debt assets and might sometimes also include Gold and Real Estate. 

Benefits Of Mutual Funds


You gain exposure to a wide range of stocks and fixed-income products to diversify your portfolio.

Different Schemes

You can choose a fund that suits your risk, budget, and goals from 2000+ active schemes.

High Liquidity

There is always a high amount of liquidity when ever you buy an open-ended mutual fund.


Mutual Funds are relatively cost-efficient and allow you to start investing with a very small amount.

Tax Benefits

When you invest in funds like ELSS, you also get tax benefits under the Income Tax Act.

Safe & Secure

Mutual funds are not only safe, but they also provide you with complete control over your investment data.

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