Investment Plans for Beginners

When you’re a beginner, the world of investments and stock markets seems intimidating. Most beginners in investment are just starting their career, and they have a longer time horizon. And with time on their side, they can be patient and prioritize their long-term goals. 

So, are you someone who wants to start investing? First of all, let us congratulate you on taking such a great decision. 
And we’re here to get you started with a list of investment plans for beginners.

Investment Plans To Get You Started

Mutual Funds

With mutual funds, you can make the most of the power of compounding. When you’re at the start of your investment journey, you have lots of time on your side. And with a longer time horizon, mutual funds can give you incredible returns. 

Hybrid Funds and Equity Funds are excellent options for beginners looking for huge returns in the long run.

Stock Markets

We understand, you must be thinking that you have no idea about stock markets. You can always take help from advisors to help you start with investing in stock markets. 

The upside of investing in stock markets is that you get the highest returns from them among all investment options. If you start your stock market journey early, you can reach all your long-term financial objectives

Government Schemes

PPF(Public Provident Fund) is the most popular government savings. With a lock-in period of fifteen years, these funds give a return in the vicinity of 7% to 9%. As compared to investing in stock markets, Government schemes are safer investment options for beginners.

Debt Mutual Fund for Short-term Goals

Young investors have a lot of time on their side. Naturally, they want to invest for the long run.. But what if you have some short-term goals you want to meet? That’s when you should opt to invest in Debt Mutual Funds. 

Say you want returns in a period of three years. That’s when Debt Mutual Funds can come in handy when it comes to short-term investments. 

Also, Debt Mutual Funds are highly liquid which means that you can quickly turn them into cash.


Investing can be tricky and confusing when you first start. Make sure you don’t let the jargon intimidate you. Start by laying down your goals and choose your first investment plan accordingly. 

It’s wonderful that you have started on the investment path. Seek out help from mutual funds advisors and get off to a great start. 
We hope these investment plans for beginners will give you a better picture of the options at hand!

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